About Cody Simpson

Cody Robert Simpson was born on the Gold Coast of Australia on January 11, 1997. He got his first guitar lesson at age 7, and his teacher told his parents, Brad and Angie, that he had an ear for music. Several years after that, in 2008, Cody used his musical talent to make a couple of covers of popular songs and he decided to put them up on YouTube. This is how, after several months, when Cody still only had few subscribers, producer Shawn Campbell found him. After some more online promotion, tons of teens around the world found him - and loved him and his music. In 2010, Cody signed a 4-album record deal with major label Atlantic Records and his first single, iYiYi featuring rapper Flo Rida is to be released on iTunes on June 1st. The entire Simpson family (father, mother, brother and sister) will be moving to Los Angeles in June 2010 to chase Cody's dreams.

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