Facts about Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance full name is Greyson Michael Chance
He was born on August 16, 1997
He was born in Witchita Falls, Texas
His current home is in Edmond, Oklahoma
His nicknames: G-Chance, GC, Chance
His mother’s name is Lisa Chance and his father’s is Scott Chance
His siblings are Alexa (sister) and Tanner (brother).. he is the youngest child
He has had no formal vocal training prior to being “discovered”
He is signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ Record Label, ElevenEleven
His biggest inspirations are Lady Gaga and Augustana
He also likes Elton John, John Legend, John Lennon and Christina Aguilera
His favorite sport is soccer
His jersey number is “11″
He was in his first earthquake on July 8, 2010 in California
He has a snow cone named after him in Edmond, Oklahoma (Flavor: Black Cherry)
He has an iPhone
He reads Harry Potter
He wants to go to the UKHe plays the piano… VERY WELL!
He likes pizza
He loves his fans!
He was in his school’s choir
He loves rock climbing
His dog’s name is Macy
He writes/composes his own songs
He is not a morning person
He wants to sing with Hayley Williams
He watches (grew up on) Rossaine
He wants to be on GLEE!
He “might” date a fan
Favorite Food: Mexican Food: Chicken enchiladas!

Favorite fast food restaurant: McDonald’s
Prized possession Greyson can’t live without: His record player

Favorite movie: He likes old mafia movie
He loves photography.
His favorite color is black and white
His ex girlfriend's name is Lauren westphanlen and logan nicols 
He doesn’t like girls that wear makeup
His twitter acount's name @greysonchance
His official web is www.greyson-official.com

Fact about Cody Simpson

he was born on January 11, 1997
his middle name is Robert
he wakes up really early 
He sings & raps Drake songs all the time.
His nickname on the tour is Coco
has a younger brother (Tom) & sister (Allie)
loves Italian food
hates cheesehis favorite colours are green & blue
his favorite book is “Ice Stations” by Matthew Reilly
speaks English & French
his favorite basball team is the New York Yankees
has a Mac computer
He doesnt like doing homework 
He likes to say and tweets '1-4-3'. 1= I, 4=Love, and 3 = you
His fanclub name is Simpsonizer
He ex girlfriend name Abby
His favorite fruit is pineapple
Cody’s favouriote animal are turtle and eagle
Cody likes it when a girl is outgoing, funny, and can just be herself 
Cody says that he got started into singing from his dad singing at family barbeques 
He won in Nickelodeon Australia, Kids Choice Awarad as Fresh Aussie Musos, on 2010
Cody got a mini fridge in his room, filled with mountain dew for his birthday.
Cody wear braces
Cody made a video with his mates in Sydney at 1am.
Cody has 2 new songs coming out called "Age is just a number" and "Dancing in the rain" both have a techno vibe
Cody likes any hair color, but likes long hair over short hair.
Cody likes a girl that makes sure she looks good, but doesnt spend alot of time on it
Cody perfers slim girls, over curvy girls
Cody wants a girl that is sporty and athletic
Cody might be on an episode of the disney show 'Shake It Up!'
Cody made a tumblr, here is the link: www.LifeOfCodySimpson.Com
Cody likes to tweet anything funny, to keep everyone interested, and fans can go a little into his personal life.
Cody says he wakes up in the middle of the night & goes on twitter from his phone, & his mom always yells at him
Cody says that the best way to see his family and friends is to skype with them
One day that Cody was at his PopStar! photo shoot, he skyped with his best friend Joe
Cody admits he often does get home sick, he misses his family, and friends, and where he grew up
Cody has green eyes, and has a black rim around the color of his eyes.
He would cook a girl italian food for valentines day
Cody's favorite ice cream is called Hokey Pokey! But he also likes vanilla with toppings
Cody's celeb crushes were; Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Jessica Alba
Cody continues to change his celeb crush, As of now his celeb crush is Victoria Justice
Cody  loves ketchup, and would eat it on anything, even salad.
Cody has had his first kiss & his advice for everyone is to use Tic Tacs.he likes the citrus twist ones
loves talking to his fans
his favourite artist is Justin Timberlake
his favourite junk food is ice cream
loves being in New York, his favourite city
says ‘Mum’ not ‘Mom’ (if you were interested
his idol is Michael Jackson
his favourite YouTube video is ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’
says his first CD purchase was probably Michael Jackson
his favourite movie is The Hangover
likes to watch Disney Channel
his favouriote animal is a turtle
his favourite ice cream is cookie dough
supports the Baltimore Ravens (US Football team)
has a dog called Molly
he is single nowloves the show TheMentalist
his favourite food is pizza
would date a fan if he liked her
wants to help charities
likes it when a girl is outgoing, funny, and can just be herself
loves peanut butter
Cody 's twitter page is @thecodysimpson
Cody's web is www.codysimpson.com

About Cody Simpson

Cody Robert Simpson was born on the Gold Coast of Australia on January 11, 1997. He got his first guitar lesson at age 7, and his teacher told his parents, Brad and Angie, that he had an ear for music. Several years after that, in 2008, Cody used his musical talent to make a couple of covers of popular songs and he decided to put them up on YouTube. This is how, after several months, when Cody still only had few subscribers, producer Shawn Campbell found him. After some more online promotion, tons of teens around the world found him - and loved him and his music. In 2010, Cody signed a 4-album record deal with major label Atlantic Records and his first single, iYiYi featuring rapper Flo Rida is to be released on iTunes on June 1st. The entire Simpson family (father, mother, brother and sister) will be moving to Los Angeles in June 2010 to chase Cody's dreams.